Soul Yoga Sanctuary Features Men’s Yoga with Larisa Kenny

Soul Yoga Sanctuary Features Men’s Yoga with Larisa Kenny

Yesterday marked a turning point in my yoga career. Soul Sanctuary Yoga studio in Sarasota Florida was interviewed about their men’s yoga classes by MySuncoast. I was fortunate to be the spokesperson for the studio.

I know how difficult it can be for men to participate in a women-dominated field and I am happy to say that there is finally an opportunity for them to be themselves.

Men get intimidated with a lot of women in yoga because they are less flexible when they start. Creating men’s yoga allows them to be themselves.

Allowing men to be themselves in a yoga class means that they don’t have to hold back both with their emotions and their physique. Because they are usually more muscular, I tend to challenge them a lot and really kick their ass. They have some huge, bulking muscles that often get in the way of their flexibility. This is a very common issue and I like to take a bit of finesse in my approach.

It’s Yoga, Rock and Roll and Beer. What more can you ask for in a yoga class?

If you’re a male, like rock and roll, beer and can use some yoga in your life, I encourage you to join our next class. Check the schedule to see the next time you can be apart of the yoga revolution!

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